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The 1500 container: Now with X-tra performance

​Introducing the next generation of hybrid - the 1500X. A stronger, lighter and more energy efficient container for the safe transportation of temperature-sensitive goods.


Designed to protect under extreme conditions.

Riyadh Airport

Summer, 5 p.m.
Afternoon sun

+ 46 °C

Ambient Temperature

+ 4.2 °C

Internal Temperature


Worldwide data driven protection.


For your business and the planet.

Worldwide network

SkyCell works with selected partners to provide a global network of 283 destinations and product protection at the highest level in our industry.

SkyCell's supply chain solution

Discover our hybrid containers.

Hybrid containers with an audited performance of <0.1% temperature deviations.

Discover our software solutions.

Secure your medicine through IoT monitoring service.

Discover our sustainable solutions.

Reduces landfill and up to 50% CO2 emissions.

Our cold chain experts ensure fast and safe implementation

Increase transparency and visibility

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