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All our service centers are fully operational and prepared

Worldwide availability: Over 22.000 pallets annually

GDP compliant containers: No additional qualification needed

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Hybrid containers: the new proven industry standard vs. active solutions

– Up to 20% total cost reduction

– Up to 50% CO2 reduction

– IoT enabled

Over 22.000 pallets annual capacity, growing monthly

Market leading audited performance including GDP compliance
< 0.1% temperature deviations

2 x EU-Pal

1 x EU / US-Pal

< EU-Pal

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Our cutting-edge technology enables us to design containers with easy handling, maximum loading capacity and an outstanding performance.

SkyCellent Service

We bring it.

We re-collect it.

You ship it.


We deliver a ready-to-use container: You fill it, you ship it, you have it re-collected by us at your destination airport or your preferred destination worldwide.

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Selected Partners

SkyCell works with selected partners to provide a global network with 283 destinations and an optimal product protection.

When speed is the priority:
Available within 24 hours

Urgent business? Although most clients book 7-10 days in advance, we understand the importance of speed. Get next-day delivery for all main destinations worldwide and three-day delivery on almost all the others.

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All SkyCell containers are equipped with IoT sensors that connect to our data cloud. Through our service, we can remotely monitor and intervene on every container to ensure the same stringent quality standards wherever they’re located.

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Over 22.000 pallets annual capacity, growing monthly