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Business Partner Code of Conduct SkyCell AG


SkyCell serves pharmaceutical supply chains with temperature-controlled hybrid containers and technological solutions that prevent damage to vital medicine, all while protecting our environment. SkyCell has its headquarters in Switzerland.

Both the success and the good reputation of our company are based on the trust placed in SkyCell by the people involved in it, such as shareholders and employees, and those in business relations with it, such as customers and Business Partners. We want to live up to this trust in every respect. This Business Partner Code of Conduct is intended to preserve and further strengthen this trust.

Although this Business Partner Code of Conduct cannot predict every situation individually, it is intended to provide guidance for conduct in accordance with SkyCell’s values and principles. It is the personal responsibility of the respective responsible management as well as all Business Partners to know, comply with and implement the following principles and values.


No loss in the pharma supply chain, worldwide.


Supply the safest pharma containers worldwide.

SkyCell’s mission is to deliver the technology for the transport of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals to enable pharma companies to distribute life-saving treatments safely and compliant with pharma regulations worldwide.

To achieve this goal, SkyCell develops, produces and maintains its hardware with the following aims: reliability, best in class protection against external influences with highly automated processes. SkyCell develops and maintains its software to automate processes and to ensure global quality standards. The services are designed to deliver ease-of-use and to support the global supply chains of our customers.


Business Partners comply with all applicable domestic and international laws, regulations, and industry standards, whichever requirements impose the highest standards. The acceptance and, in particular, the granting of undue advantages is prohibited, as are unfair business practices or those frowned upon under competition law. Furthermore, conflicts of interest must be avoided. Confidential information must be treated as such and kept secret.

Rules of conduct

Integrity and legality

The following instructions for conduct cannot and should not be conclusive. They are rather intended as an orientation guide. In general, this code of conduct does not represent an overview of certain legal regulations and other standards that are of importance for the activities of the Business Partner. It is rather the Business Partner’s task to inform themselves about the regulations and requirements applicable to their activities and to know them.


  • Commercial practices that are frowned upon or unfair under competition law are prohibited. Market, price or other agreements frowned upon by the applicable laws are prohibited, as are unfair competition practices.
  • Then, in particular, both the giving and the acceptance of corrupt payments, or the granting or acceptance of other advantages which have the effect of influencing the recipient’s decision-making or can be regarded as such, to existing or potential customers and/or decision-makers is prohibited.
  • Business Partners respect the intellectual property of SkyCell. Business Partners take appropriate steps to safeguard, protect and maintain confidential and proprietary information or trade secrets of business partners and use such information only for the purposes authorized in contractual agreements.
  • Business Partners disclose to SkyCell any circumstance that appears to be a conflict of interest and disclose to SkyCell if any employee from SkyCell or one of their known relatives or friends may have an interest in the Business Partner’s business.

Ethical behaviour and harassment

The Business Partner commits to a working atmosphere free of discrimination, disparagement, and conflict, which is characterized by equal opportunities and mutual respect and generally corresponds to the values and principles of this Code of Conduct.

Business Partners endeavour to reduce prejudices of all kinds and to create a work environment where the skills and knowledge of employees are in the foreground. Employees are hired developed and promoted based on their skills, achievements and potential and regardless of their gender, age, nationality, race, ethnicity, disabilities, marital status or sexual orientation.


Business Partners provide a professional work environment, which is free of any discrimination or harassment. Business Partners condemn any form of harassment in the workplace.

Harassment can occur as a result of a single incident or various acts or expressions whose purpose is to create a hostile, hurtful or intimidating work environment. Harassment can take many forms:

  • Physical or verbal abuse
  • Racist, ethnic or sexual comments
  • Unwanted sexual comments, advances or harassment
  • Sexual coercion as a condition of employment, promotion or compensation decisions

Working Conditions and Human Rights

Business Partners respect all human rights as recognized by the international community. They do not tolerate any of their violations within their companies, subsidiaries, Business Partners or partners.

Child Labor

Child labour is not acceptable and SkyCell will not work with Business Partners and/or partners who use child labour in any of their operations. Business Partners must take responsibility to ensure that their subcontractors are not engaging in child labour and that young workers do not perform dangerous work or work under hazardous conditions.

Forced Labor and Human Trafficking

SkyCell AG does not tolerate forced labour, including bonded labour, human trafficking, or any other forms of forced labour and will not work with Business Partners and/or partners, who use forced labour in any of their operations. Business Partners strive to take responsibility to ensure that subcontractors comply with this requirement.

Working Conditions

Business Partners provide adequate working facilities to their employees. The Business Partner ensures the health & safety of its workforce in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and industry standards and provides personal protective equipment where necessary. Business Partners comply with all applicable laws, regulations and industry standards concerning benefits, wages, working conditions, compensation and working hours.


Business Partners acknowledge that environmental stewardship is an integral part of today’s business activities. They thus strive to continuously enhance their environmental performance and apply the precautionary principle to avoid stress and harm to the environment.

Environmental Standards

Business Partners comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and industry standards. They implement policies and actions to identify, prevent and reduce the relevant environmental impacts of their activities.

Greenhouse Gases

Business Partners mitigate climate change by striving to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.


Business Partners optimize the disposal of solid waste and wastewater and recycle as many waste products as possible.


Business Partners optimize their resource consumption, including raw materials, water and energy.

Conflict Minerals

Our commitment extends to responsible sourcing practices. We pledge not to procure goods for our products that incorporate materials like tin, tantalum, tungsten, or gold originating from conflict areas. We expect all our partners that are somehow related to the Minerals and Metals industry to share the same commitment.

IT and Data Protection

Third-party confidential information must be securely stored, protected, and deleted when no longer needed for SkyCell’s operations. Third-party confidential information includes, but is not limited to personal identification information of employees, clients, and customers, as well as third party intellectual properties and business partner trade secrets.

Sense of responsibility

Business Partners always act in accordance with this Code of Conduct. This requires that their employees are familiar with the Code of Conduct and that they continuously orient themselves to it.

Reporting violations

The respective management of the Business Partner has to report violations of this Code of Conduct and provide a CAPA plan to SkyCell’s contact person. Employees of Business Partners who have witnessed violations of the Code of Conduct, are affected by violations, were made aware of such violations, or have concerns that this Code of Conduct might be violated, must report as soon as possible to SkyCell’s contact person or Compliance Officer (CO). They can either use their usual communication channels or contact the CO by email (,or use SkyCell’s Speak-Up Hotline ( where an anonymous report is possible. Employees who report violations of this Code of Conduct in good faith shall not face any retaliation for reporting violations and their identity shall stay anonymous. However, it may be essential for the successful handling of the report to identify oneself and those involved.

Corrective measures

Reports of possible and actual infringements are investigated promptly and thoroughly by SkyCell. The Business Partners are requested to support the investigations to the best of their knowledge and belief. If the investigations reveal that a violation of the Code of Conduct has indeed occurred, appropriate measures will be reviewed and imposed on the Business Partner. These may range from letters of reprimand to termination of the business relationship. If necessary, legal action will be taken against the offender.


The respective management of the Business Partner is responsible for communicating and monitoring compliance with the Code of Conduct. It knows it in detail and ensures that the Code of Conduct is known to all employees, that they are informed of any changes and that the Code of Conduct is observed.

Reporting and Key Performance Indicators

The goal of SkyCell is to have zero violations of this Business Partner Code of Conduct throughout its entire supply chain and all of its Business Partners. The compliance officer (CO), in collaboration with the Partner Manager, will report once a year the number of violations and the taken actions.

Concluding remarks

Business Partners and their employees may not suffer any disadvantages from compliance with this Code of Conduct, especially since compliance with the Code of Conduct is mandatory for Business Partners. SkyCell is committed to ensuring that no retaliatory measures are taken against Business Partners and their employees who comply with this Code of Conduct.

In the event of any confusion, uncertainty or questions in connection with the Code of Conduct, SkyCell’s Partner Manager or the Compliance Officer will offer assistance and further information to ensure that the Business Partners concerned are able to comply with this Code of Conduct.

Business Partners ensure that their employees, subcontractors, Business Partners and sub-Business Partners with whom they work in the delivery of goods and services to SkyCell are aware and comply with the regulations outlined in this Code of Conduct.

Changes in legal regulations and guidelines as well as changes in the business environment are frequent. SkyCell AG, therefore, reserves the right to adapt this Code of Conduct at any time.

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SkyCell Business Partner Code of Conduct, Version 2, Oktober 2023