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From Frankfurt to Austin: SkyCell delivers success in extreme conditions

In the ever-evolving landscape of supply chains, challenges abound – from heightened demand to geopolitical shocks, scorching heatwaves, and unpredictable trade restrictions. Now more than ever, the safe and secure transportation of temperature-sensitive medicines is in the spotlight.

Transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products across the globe while ensuring they remain cool, secure, and untarnished is no small endeavor. Yet, SkyCell’s innovative transportation technology transforms this intricate process into a seamless operation.

Our most recent journey is a testament to this innovation: a successful shipment of medical devices with the 1500X hybrid container on a six-day lease from July 6th to July 12th. The journey commenced in Frankfurt, Germany, and involved a flight to Houston Airport (IAH) before culminating in Austin, USA. Following the aerial journey to IAH, the shipment underwent a transition to ground transportation, as it was carefully loaded onto a truck for the remainder of the route to Austin.

One of the hardest factors to account for when shipping temperature-sensitive products is maintaining a stable internal temperature whilst encountering variations in the external temperature. During the 1500X’s 5000-mile journey to the US it faced temperature extremes, ranging from a chilly 5°C to a sweltering 45°C. However, the container was perfectly positioned to ensure the safe delivery of medical devices – a task that typical single-use containers would find nearly impossible.

Maintaining strict temperature control was crucial during the shipment to the US. Despite enduring a six-day journey with daily temperature fluctuations, the hybrid container’s high-quality design and continuous monitoring of the internal temperature played a pivotal role in preserving the medication’s integrity, resulting in a successful delivery.

In the world of high-value, life-saving medical products, safe transportation and packaging are essential. With an impressive independent runtime of 270 hours, the SkyCell 1500X hybrid container maintains a steady internal temperature, defying external conditions from a freezing -30°C to scorching highs of up to 70°C. Our innovative hybrid containers are designed to maintain stable temperatures, deflect shock absorption and provide steady protection even in the harshest conditions during lengthy journeys.

At SkyCell, we are proud to provide our customers with innovative solutions that ensure the safe and secure delivery of sensitive goods. We remain dedicated to ensuring the integrity and efficacy of every shipment we handle.