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Sustainability Consulting for Net-Zero Pharma Logistics

Discover a world of sustainable opportunities with our seasoned team of experts at SkyCell. We’re dedicated to helping businesses like yours achieve sustainability goals while optimizing costs and enhancing quality. Our experts offer in-depth guidance and actionable strategies tailored to your unique challenges.

Service Packages

Analyze your carbon footprint: FREE supply chain sustainability check

Analyze your carbon footprint: FREE supply chain sustainability check

Explore the intricate details of your pharmaceutical transport with our comprehensive and FREE CO2 check. We utilize MIT analysis to assess your current emissions and provide you with simple, straightforward optimization suggestions. In this package, we will provide you with a clear picture of the state of your transport emissions, including packaging, as well as insights into offsetting and potential cost avoidance. Start your journey toward a greener future today with NO cost. 

Sustainability made easy, workshop for empowering action

Sustainability made easy, workshop for empowering action

Embark on a journey towards sustainable success with our workshop. This workshop will embark you on a journey from education to action. Delve into the ‘whys’ of carbon reduction, industry drivers, life cycle assessments, and green technologies. Our expert facilitators will guide you and your team in launching 2 to 5 actionable and impactful projects tailored to your specific goals and needs. Join us in simplifying your net-zero transport journey and start making a positive impact effortlessly. 

Pharma transport net-zero solutions: customized for you

Pharma transport net-zero solutions: customized for you

We understand that every pharmaceutical transport operation is unique, and that’s why we’re here to provide tailored solutions. Our team of Sustainability experts will work closely with you to create individualized strategies and action plans that will guide your journey to achieving net-zero transport emissions. Whether it’s optimizing routes, adopting greener technologies, or implementing sustainable practices, we’ll design a consulting service that suits your specific needs. With our tailored approach, sustainable transportation is within your reach.

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    Our experts

    Our seasoned experts bring extensive knowledge to guide and execute effective strategies for your sustainability journey. We go beyond advice, delivering tangible results to help you achieve sustainability goals, optimize costs, and enhance quality.

    With a personalized, problem-solving approach, we ensure a positive impact on your bottom line. Trust us to be your partners in creating a greener, more sustainable future.

    Nico Ros

    Chief Technology Officer

    Michael Hegglin

    Global Sustainability Manager

    Rafaela Sutter

    Sustainability Specialist