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October 9, 2020

Audited data: the new industry standard for lane validation in pharma logistics

In a time of increased reliance on technology, data scepticism is rife. Consistently, today’s virtual meetings bring questions to the fore about which data sources truly reflect the reality of the shipments we can’t see for ourselves. Under the new circumstances of Covid-19, audited data from end-to-end of the supply chain is the most reliable mirror of the truth. For the third year in a row, SkyCell has upheld its high-performance title with an audit* proving <0.1% temperature excursions occur end-to-end of our shipments.


Stepping out of the laboratory

Lab conditions swaddle vulnerable pharmaceuticals in a protective cover from the outside world, offering a safe haven of ideal temperature conditions, infrastructure and stability. It’s clear to us all that the real world is a much less certain environment for our products; one in which they will inevitably meet differing infrastructures, travel between variable climate conditions and stop at borders to undergo Customs Inspections that pose threats of temperature deviations.

Testing our medicines in laboratories for the International Safe Transit Association 7D procedure has been the minimum requirement for years. If these test procedures were truly representative of the realities of worldwide distribution, why are so many still struggling with growing temperature excursions? Recent industry statistics have revealed that 5 – 14% temperature deviations are still occurring across the supply chain.

With the cost of the resulting CAPA estimated to be between 10’000 to 40’000 USD, the damage reparation costs regularly exceed the planned total cost of the shipment. In many cases, this is amplified by delays that lead to higher inventory levels and thus working capital. Aside from the cost damage to our businesses, we must also recognize the human cost: a pallet lost means patients missing out on their treatments.

Three years ago, SkyCell started the initiative to ensure our temperature excursion rate was fully scrutinised, checked and confirmed by a leading auditor to increase transparency for our clients. Each year, a “top 3” leading auditor confirms that SkyCell’s data-enhanced solution effectively reduces temperature deviation rates to less than 0.1%*. For the third year in a row, the audit has confirmed the same result, even in the face of the unprecedented complications of the Covid-19 lockdown. By combining IoT-tracking, our data-driven Lane Risk Assessment and the self-charging hybrid container solution, the SkyCell hybrid solution offers a safer future for the pharmaceutical industry and the lives of the patients we serve. But why does SkyCell encourage clients to move away from validating their shipment plans with lab tests alone?


Holding up a mirror to the reality

The most advanced companies do not rely on lab tests, but inform their decisions on historical data and the results of real-world tests. By using the historical information of data-tracked shipments, as well as running placebo tests along desired lanes, the manufacturer is provided with more practical information that reflects the world outside of the laboratory. This is also a much faster way to implement shipment routes, since less time and money is spent on deciding which lab tests best represent reality.

With SkyCell’s audited* solution, both historical data and placebo tests are integral to our service. Our data-driven Lane Risk Assessments are powered by nearly one billion data points, providing our solutions team with a large pool of historical data to help our clients make strategic decisions for each new lane. From this, clients can continually test and map their lanes to improve safety and reliability. Together, we continuously optimize our strategy to go above and beyond the required international standards and secure the full efficacy of the medicine that is so vital to patients in need.

*Audit of 1500DF/F in progress
Nico Ros, CTO

We are proud to announce that our annual audit* has once again assured clients of less than 0.1% temperature excursions during their shipments around the globe. Our strong focus on minimizing temperature deviations through a combination of reliable hardware, software and service has proven to be a competitive advantage for our clients and SkyCell.

Nico Ros
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