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May 4, 2021

DB Schenker partners with SkyCell to enhance medicine logistics solutions 

The SkyCell team is excited to announce a new partnership with DB Schenker that will transform its logistics services to transport life-saving vaccines and medicines to remote areas around the world. Through the utilization of DB’s new healthcare product, DB SCHENKERlife+, and our hybrid pharma containers, greater flexibility and safety are guaranteed throughout supply chains, enabling the swift and secure shipment of vital pharmaceutical cargo, including COVID-19 vaccines.

DB Schenker will be taking full advantage of our temperature ranges to provide a diverse array of cold chain options for their clients, which includes our -80°C to -60°C, -30°C to -15°C, +2°C to +8°C and +15°C to + 25°C containers. This broad scope ensures that access to container solutions from deep frozen to controlled room temperature.


“With the agreement, we upgrade our existing broad portfolio of healthcare related logistics services with even more capability for our customers for the massive roll-out of global vaccination. With SkyCell, we have found an excellent partner in this endeavor to provide high quality on a global level."

At SkyCell, our hybrid temperature-controlled packaging solutions safeguard transportation of medical pharmaceutical products, especially destinations that lack sophisticated infrastructure to combat extreme conditions. Hybrid’s independency of mechanical components and electricity for recharging means it can bypass any perceived limitations in supply chains to remote destinations, and recharge if placed in the right temperature, thus providing safety and security.

The long independent run times of our containers alone provides peace of mind so DB Schenker’s clients can be assured that their precious cargo will reach their destination no matter how remote or turbulent circumstances may be.


"The security of medicines plays a key role in the pharma industry and we are glad to have with DB Schenker a partner that also invests in monitoring technology and infrastructure. SkyCell containers have been equipped with IoT sensors since 2012 and with nearly one billion shipment data collected to date, we can simulate future shipments to minimize risks."

Nico Ros

Our hybrid containers can carry 30,000 to 60,000 vials, depending on the size of the container used for shipment. With features like shock absorbent feet and a double door system, the hybrid prevents damages caused by micro-crazes and humidity. Plus, the <0.1% temperature excursions adds further assurance of the timely and safe arrival of vaccines.

Furthermore, hybrid’s lightweight, environmentally friendly material, efficiency, reusability, and technology supports DB Schenker’s sustainability ambitions in shipping vital medicines and COVID-19 vaccines, saving lives while staying green.

During these challenging times, this partnership will resolutely combine the best that DB Schenker and SkyCell offer. DB SCHENKERlife+’s growing network of air connections and SkyCell’s hybrid solutions will add a layer of support to remote areas that require the COVID-19 vaccine and other medications.

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