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July 29, 2021

New audit reconfirms SkyCell’s high-performance efficiency

If there’s one thing that pharma clients want, it’s a reliable partner. Knowing that they are utilizing the right pharma logistics solution into their pharma supply chain is essential for them to achieve their goal. And now, for the fourth year in a row, we have upheld our high-performance validation with yet another audit proving less than 0.1% temperature excursions occur end-to-end of our shipments.

An audited and reliable solution

Over the past four years, a global top-4 auditor has confirmed that our safe, secure and sustainable container solution effectively reduces temperature deviation rates to less than 0.1%. With it being authenticated for another year running (2020), this verifies the reliability of SkyCell’s hybrid containers in getting vital medicines to patients in the right conditions throughout the pharma supply chain.

With CAPA costs and losses estimated to be 34 billion USD per year1 in the industry, SkyCell’s less than 0.1% temperature excursion rate delivers security and peace of mind to clients while their pharma cargo is in transit. The LAE (Logistic Advisory Experts GmbH) has found that product loss and temperature excursions are the largest total cost drivers for the choice of packaging next to direct logistics costs1 – so by bringing the loss rate to 0.0% and less than 0.1% temperature excursions, this optimizes the cost of distribution significantly. SkyCell is proud, that its Hybrid Containers are recognized in this study also as the best in terms of total cost, temperature deviation and ecology.2

SkyCell invented the Hybrid Container in 2013 by looking at the requirements (e.g. increase in GDP regulation) and challenges (e.g. temperature excursions, handling issues of the equipment etc.) that pharma clients have and decided to combine hardware and software that can reduce temperature excursions. The secret sauce is the triple combination of IoT-tracking, our data-driven Lane Risk Assessment and the self-charging hybrid container. Each part can work collaboratively so that lanes can be tested using historical data, granting the ability to make strategic decisions based on numerous exterior variables, and the container itself can provide the safety and security needed when shipped.


“No loss in the pharma supply chain is our goal. This audit once more validates our mission and brings much needed transparency to the real-life performance of packaging solutions.”

Living up to our vision

It is important to remember the human factor in what we do. There is always a patient waiting at the end of the supply chain. Every shipment that pharma clients send carries a lifesaving element that can never be underestimated. If there is loss on the pharma supply chain, then the human cost of a patient missing out on their medicine is an unacceptable result. With this audit, we can further guarantee that our hybrid containers are fully adaptable for the needs of the modern supply chain and ensure pharma products arrive on time and in perfect condition.

It is imperative that SkyCell maintains transparency for our clients and can provide further validation for our products to remain a trusted partner.

Good to know: 2020 Audited Data

1Wildhaber & Stoelzle, Performance comparison of pharmaceutical airfreight containers, 2021
2Wildhaber & Stoelzle, Performance comparison of pharmaceutical airfreight containers, 2021, illustration 37, 38 and 39  
*SkyCell has initiated the study and partially contributed to the research costs.
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