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June 11, 2019

A new partnership takes off to Singapore

SkyCell and Singapore Airlines (SIA) have sealed a partnership for the lease of SkyCell containers.


As the demand for pharmaceutical products is growing in the Asia Pacific Region, SkyCell grows its airline partner network with the market leader in the APAC region.

Singapore is a leading commercial hub for the development and production of pharmaceuticals and biologics for the Asian Pacific market. The rising trade flow of pharmaceuticals to and from APAC entails several challenges for pharmaceutical companies:

  • challenging environmental conditions
  • increasing regulatory requirements
  • CO2 savings

This demands a reliable and robust transport solution for valuable temperature-sensitive drugs and biologics.

Clients will benefit from this collaboration through safe and seamless transportation and efficient return logistics. To prevent temperature excursions, SkyCell is developing comprehensive lane standard operating procedures together with the airline. Thus, pharmaceuticals will be transported with the highest security level door-to-door and according to regulatory compliance.

Richard Ettl, CEO

Singapore Airlines is the leading airline in Asia Pacific with a specialized pharma offering and an extensive network. The collaboration will meet the growing demand for reliable and safe pharmaceutical transportation solutions in the region and contribute to eliminating temperature excursions for shipments to emerging markets.

Last year, SIA introduced with THRUCOOL a ‘quality corridor’ along the Zurich-Singapore-Sydney route, with strict end-to-end temperature control for the handling and transportation of temperature-sensitive goods. By complying with standards adopted from the IATA CEIV Pharma Program, the quality corridor addresses the industry’s need for safety, care and efficiency in the transportation of pharmaceutical products. This June, SIA expanded its quality network corridor to Amsterdam and Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr Chin Yau Seng, SIA Senior Vice President Cargo

The expansion of our network of THRUCOOL quality corridors and our new lease partnership with SkyCell further underlines our commitment to providing quality-assured dedicated cold chain services when transporting time- and temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical shipments.  We will continue to expand and strengthen our service offerings, as well as collaborate with our industry partners to pursue innovation in the transportation of pharmaceuticals.

Singapore Pharma Roadshow

Air France KLM Martinair invited SkyCell to join its roadshow in Singapore. Pharma and healthcare experts from leading pharma and logistics companies were given the opportunity to explore our containers and learn more about SkyCell’s technology. Chiara Venuti, Business Development Director at SkyCell, explained how SkyCell sets new standards in terms of fast and robust implementation, making the pharma supply chain safer and more efficient.

Business Development Director Chiara Venuti showcasing the SkyCell 2500C (+2-8°C) container

Shipment of the Month: Protection against humidity

Recently, SkyCell containers have been used to transport oncology products from Germany to Singapore. Discover the latest results of our shipment to Singapore:

  • Month: May
  • Route: Frankfurt to Singapore
  • Temperature range: +15° to +25°C
  • Challenge: High humidity

The temperature-sensitive drugs were shipped from the moderate spring temperatures in Germany with +15°C  to the Singaporean humid spring weather between +28°C to +32°C. The challenge was to deliver the pharmaceuticals to their destinations without damage in spite of the heat and high humidity.

Take a look at the SkyCell Temperature Tracking System: the temperature inside the container stays at a constant 20.4°C (blue line) meanwhile the ambient temperature (red line) varies between +5° to +32°C. The double-door system of  SkyCell containers safely protected the goods from humidity damage. Consequently, the products have been released to the market in top condition and without any waste of time and resources.

How much CO2  has been saved using SkyCell containers?

A regular transport of one US pallet with a commonly used container would have produced 31.2 tons of CO2 emissions.

According to the independent analysis conducted by the renowned and global myclimate organization, SkyCell containers saved 12.1 tonnes of CO2 per US pallet on this trip compared with commonly used solutions.

Commonly used solution: 755kg volumetric weight incl. cargo, SkyCell 1500 incl. cargo 635kg.

To help grasp how much 12’100 kg of CO2 are: it is equivalent to the emissions of one car driving 80’667 km, twice around the globe.

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