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September 29, 2020

Qatar Airways Cargo Signs Agreement for SkyCell Hybrid

Qatar Airways Cargo and SkyCell have signed an agreement to lease SkyCell hybrid containers. The agreement ensures pharma shippers have increased access to the self-charging, temperature-controlled container to boost the safety and sustainability of their shipments. As our industry prepares for a potential worldwide distribution of sensitive Covid-19 vaccines, SkyCell’s hybrid containers offer a solution to safeguard the full efficacy of medicine that will be vital in defeating the pandemic – all while cutting long-term business costs and environmental costs.


All SkyCell containers are recyclable, helping to eliminate landfill by preventing product waste and reduce a shipment’s carbon footprint by up to 50% due to their optimized weight-volume ratio. SkyCell’s hybrid containers are IoT (‘Internet of Things’) enabled, meaning that their temperature conditions are monitored as they move around the globe to ensure temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals are protected even under extreme conditions. With their efficient insulation and cutting-edge cooling technology, the containers maintain steady temperatures for an average of 202 hours (8.4 days) and self-recharge automatically in a cooling chamber or reefer truck.


Mr. Guillaume Halleux, Chief Officer Cargo, Qatar Airways

The logistics around pharmaceutical transportation is complex and being at the forefront of time and temperature sensitive transportation, we understand the intricacies of a seamless cool chain. Through this agreement with SkyCell, we are glad to expand our container offering under QR Pharma and present clients with more options to transport their sensitive products. The hybrid container establishes an entirely new product offering for our clients that is both safe and sustainable for our businesses and the planet.

The hybrid container is also addressing a key priority for Qatar Airways’ QR Pharma’s We Qare project, built on the four fundamental pillars of sustainability that include economic, social, cultural and environmental dimensions.

With the addition of SkyCell’s hybrid container to Qatar’s existing range of pharma container offering, clients can move a step closer to meeting their sustainability goals, while maintaining high standards of safety for their pharmaceutical cargo.

Chiara Venuti, Business Development and Airline Partnership Director

Qatar Airways Cargo is a leading air cargo carrier with a specialised pharmaceutical offering and an extensive network. The cooperation will meet the growing demand for hybrid containers as safe and sustainable pharma solutions for sensitive and critical drugs such as vaccines.

The significant investments in hybrid containers and cold chain management is part of the Qatar’s strategy and commitment to improving and enhancing its product offering for the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry globally. With these investments, the airline is also preparing to support the logistics around the global vaccination plans, once the COVID-19 vaccine is ready.

This new partnership between SkyCell and QR Pharma has set in motion a new period of growth for clients and the future of the pharmaceutical transport industry.

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