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April 3, 2024

SkyCell fourth Annual Sustainability Report is now available

Zero Medicine Loss, CO₂ Neutrality: explore our sustainability achievements and goals in the 2023 comprehensive report.

SkyCell's fourth Annual Sustainability Report


Here at SkyCell, sustainability is at the heart of our company and informs every aspect of our operations. We are dedicated to leading the pharmaceutical supply chain by assisting pharma companies to achieve zero medicine loss and helping our pharma customers reduce their scope 3 CO2 emissions in their supply chain. To do this, transparency is key.

We are excited to share our fourth Annual Sustainability Report, showcasing our ongoing commitment to building a sustainable pharma supply chain. As we continue along our roadmap towards net-zero emissions by 2040, we invite you to explore our progress, achievements, and goals in this comprehensive report.


This year’s report focuses on our actions and achievements in our three sustainability focus areas.

Firstly, climate — we are committed to mitigating our carbon footprint and developing solutions that help our pharma customers reduce their scope 3 emissions.

Secondly, embracing circular economy principles, we strive to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency.

Finally, we recognize that cooperation is key to driving positive social and environmental change.

SkyCell's fourth Annual Sustainability Report


Highlights from this year’s report include:

  • Since 2021, SkyCell is proudly climate-neutral in our own direct operations. As part of this, SkyCell has acquired 267 carbon shares, representing approximately 24,000m2 of reforestation in Colombia with a potential CO₂ sequestration of up to 1,335 tons.
  • We have achieved a 19% reduction in carbon intensity per transported kilometer compared to 2020.
  • We have improved our in-house repair capabilities and dismantling processes in line with the target to reuse and recycle over 90% of container parts.
  • SkyCell has been awarded the EcoVadis Platinum Medal, placing us among the top 1% of the assessed businesses in the world. We were also recertified by Great Place to Work and are proud to have 32% of our management positions held by women.
  • Due to our efforts, a SkyCell customer using our containers can save up to 60,000 tCO2 a year. This is partly attributed to the optimization of the pivot weight of our containers which, according to a recent MIT study, is the key factor in reducing CO2 emissions and results in a 50% CO2 reduction per pallet.


Nico Ros, Chairman of the Board at SkyCell, shared his thoughts on our journey toward sustainable pharmaceutical logistics and our recent achievements:

“At SkyCell, we deeply value the journey that led us to become a leader in sustainable pharmaceutical logistics. For over a decade, we have been at the forefront of the pharmaceutical supply chain, helping companies achieve zero medicine loss and zero CO2 emissions. […]

We successfully delivered hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines, cancer treatments, testing solutions, and diabetes treatments worldwide. This accomplishment fills us with satisfaction as we contribute to a business dedicated to saving lives globally.

[…] Now, extending our impact beyond pharma, our AI-powered platform, SkyMind, optimizes operations, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency. […]

Additionally, our continued efforts to advance our ESG management (environmental issues, social issues, and corporate governance), earned us the EcoVadis Platinum medal.”

Through transparent reporting and concrete actions, we aim to demonstrate how we are making a positive impact throughout our value chain. Overall, we have the goal to help the pharma industry reduce emissions by more than 1 million tons yearly.

To discover more, download our sustainability report below.


Download the report

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