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December 14, 2020

SkyCell joins consortium to deliver end-to-end Covid-19 vaccine distribution solution

SkyCell has become part of the establishment of the Hope Consortium – a neutral platform that offers the scalable solution to reach emerging markets in best-in-class quality. It represents a complete end-to-end global supply chain solution that will facilitate the distribution of over 1.8 billion Covid-19 vaccines by end of 2021.


The Hope Consortium deploys SkyCell’s containers to transport these crucial and extremely sensitive vaccines in +2°C to 8°C and deep-frozen conditions. Our hybrid  containers, which are secured through an IoT monitoring service, track temperature conditions to ensure sensitive vaccines are protected even under extreme conditions. With efficient insulation and cutting-edge cooling technology, our containers maintain steady temperatures for an average of 202 hours (8.4 days) and with the possibility to prolong the runtime through automatic self-recharging in cooling chamber or reefer truck.

Richard Ettl, CEO

Our hybrid containers will safeguard the full efficacy of vaccines that are vital to defeat the pandemic, all while reducing long-term business and environmental costs. The Hope Consortium has the right partners, infrastructure and service ecosystem to ensure time and temperature-sensitive transportation in a seamless cool chain operation.

SkyCell will contribute its expertise in temperature-controlled logistics for the pharmaceutical industry and establish a regional service center in Abu Dhabi.

Comprising of leading global entities including Abu Dhabi’s Department of Health, Abu Dhabi Ports Group, Rafed UAE (the healthcare purchasing arm of Abu Dhabi-based ADQ) and Etihad Cargo, the Hope Consortium aims to offer a complete supply chain solution to address vaccine transport, demand planning, sourcing, training, and digital technology infrastructure, and facilitate vaccine availability across the world.

HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hamed, Chairman of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi

The Hope Consortium will offer international governments, non-governmental organisations, and vaccine suppliers a cohesive solution across every supply chain step – from air freight, regional storage and temperature monitoring, to inventory management, cold and ultra-cold container solution, regulatory clearance, and healthcare and pharma quality assurance.

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