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June 16, 2021

SkyCell partners with Etihad Cargo to sustainably transport life-saving pharmaceuticals

Creating sustainable supply chains is of paramount importance to SkyCell. Committed to sustainable practices, we collaborate with those that abide by the green values that we do. This is why we’ve recently partnered with Etihad Cargo to optimize their supply chains so they can safely, securely, and sustainably transport vital vaccines and medicines around the world.

At SkyCell, our software, hardware and services enable us to provide sustainable solutions that pharma companies require. By implementing our highly innovative hybrid containers, Etihad Cargo will be able to monitor the temperature conditions inside and outside to ensure the full efficacy of pharmaceuticals, thanks to our IoT sensors.

With sustainability being a key factor for Etihad Cargo, we ensure that our containers are a solution for their own green targets. And while hardware and software combine seamlessly to ensure that such goals can be met, there are certain attributes that further contribute to the sustainable hybrid.


“Etihad Cargo is pleased to have added SkyCell to the portfolio of hybrid, active and passive cool container solutions under our PharmaLife offering. This partnership allows us to offer our customers a wider range of solutions to transport their temperature-controlled pharmaceutical products.”

Our hybrid containers’ lightweight and efficient design reduces a shipment’s carbon footprint by up to 50 per cent, and our Circular Economy Principle contributes immensely. The lighter weight not only contributes to the reduction of CO2 but is also beneficial for airfreight rates.

When it comes to our Circular Economy Principle, clients rent out our containers and then they are sent back to use and preconditioned for the next shipment. This is in direct contrast to the linear economy strategy where containers end up in landfill after one use. Furthermore, this helps reduce the amount of medical waste that ends up in landfill by reducing temperature excursions.


“When shipping pharmaceutical products, there should be no room for error. Our innovative containers will give pharma clients peace of mind when shipping their valuable goods. We are excited to be working with Etihad Cargo to help enhance pharmaceutical logistics and the supply chain.”

SkyCell and Etihad Cargo are both members of the HOPE Consortium – a UAE-based public-private partnership offering a unique end-to-end supply chain solution capable of delivering large quantities of vaccines, from production to patients, anywhere in the world, safely, transparently, and efficiently. With this alliance SkyCell will be offering customers increased flexibility, solutions, and peace of mind when transporting vital pharma products across the world.

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