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August 16, 2023

In recent weeks many parts of Europe, Asia, and the US have endured searing heat waves as global temperatures reached record-breaking highs. Tarmac temperatures are reported to have reached 60°C at certain airports. As global infrastructure are reaching their limits, it’s the packaging that needs to step up at this crucial moment. At SkyCell, we believe that excellent temperature-controlled shipping solutions begin with end-to-end service. Our door-to-door shipping service ensures a seamless and efficient journey for your pharma products, from pickup to delivery — allowing you to focus on your business while logistics are handled.


How does SkyCell do it?

SkyCell’s 1500X hybrid container boasts an industry-leading independent run time of 270 hours. Additionally, its recharging capabilities in cold storage rooms or reefer trucks further reinforce our dedication to uninterrupted performance, guaranteeing that medicine remains protected even during extended transit times.

When temperatures soar, we rise to the challenge. SkyCell hybrid containers are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures up to +70°C while maintaining the required temperature inside. Unlike traditional containers that need mechanical parts such as batteries, fans, or cooling packs, SkyCell’s patented heat distribution system featuring graphene ensures that the containers are recharged equally, providing consistent protection.

Drawing inspiration from cutting-edge space satellite technology, hybrid containers are shielded with a nano-coating designed to reflect heat radiation which significantly reduces harmful energy levels inside the container. Combined with features like a double-door system, it creates a separate cooling chamber to shield medicines from heat and humidity.

Furthermore, our proprietary SaaS solution, SECURE, empowers you with full visibility of your shipments and the data to make informed decisions.
SECURE combines simulation data (S data) with real-time operational data (O data).

S data plays a pivotal role in predicting and preventing potential issues before they occur. It enables proactive actions to be taken by solving problems before they occur. By predicting potential disruptions, identifying optimal shipping routes, and preventively addressing challenges that could arise during transit, simulation data can help ensure the integrity of pharmaceutical products. On the other hand, real-time O data provides immediate visibility into the ongoing status of shipments, allowing for real-time monitoring and quick reactions to any problems that occur.

Even in the middle of the hottest summer ever, SkyCell delivers exceptional performance and preserves the quality of your shipments. Ready to discover more about our innovative solutions? Don’t hesitate! Get in touch with our team of experts today!