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May 17, 2022
SkyCell 1500X 3D energy density

The 1500X: Providing X-tra performance and efficiency

The next generation of hybrid containers has arrived – the 1500X. Offering best in class performance, door-to-door security for an unbroken cold chain and greater optimization of efficiency features, the 1500X fulfils SkyCell’s mission of creating no loss in the pharma supply chain.

X-tra performance

The 1500, now with X-tra performance, protects against even the most difficult situations and adverse conditions that a shipment can encounter.

The 1500X features an extreme independent run time of 270 hours. This market leading independent run time delivers an even lower risk of temperature excursions and losses. When shipments face disruption due to unforeseen circumstances like flight delays or hold ups at customs, it’s important to know that temperature-sensitive products are not at risk of spoilage.

270h independent runtime

SkyCell’s proprietary SECURE technology adds another layer of unparalleled security to customers using the 1500X to transport goods. Hardware and software under the SECURE platform provide real-time critical information which enables corrective actions to be made. A lack of visibility in the supply chain can result in temperature excursions, damaged goods or even product theft.

By bringing all shipments under one platform, customers with SkyCell can accelerate product release and significantly increase workflow efficiency.

Combined with SECURE technology, the 1500X works harder than any other container on the market to ensure peace of mind when transporting even the most sensitive of goods around the world.

X-tra efficiency

The 1500X has been engineered to become more efficient than its predecessors and other containers on the market in nearly every aspect.

Not only is the container lighter than others in the SkyCell series, but the container’s internal volume has also been maximised by increasing the container’s height to 1.3m, at the same time the container’s outer volume has reduced. This provides a greater storage volume and efficient cost savings. For optimal placement, now four 1500X containers fit on one PMC.

Advanced design aspects and materials have been incorporated into the 1500X to create a more efficient container. SkyCell’s patented heat distribution system featuring graphene ensures that all parts of the container are recharged equally. While hot air will always try to rise to the top of the container and create harmful heat spots, hybrid containers such as the 1500X can easily outperform passive containers that need to rely on additional materials to prevent temperature excursions.

With door-to-door shipments, a lower container weight and more payload space, the 1500X provides all round optimisation, creating greater efficiency and just as importantly lowering costs.

Contact us today to find out how the 1500X can be incorporated into your pharma supply chain.

Four 1500X on a PMC
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