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Our SkyCellent service sets the industry standard in terms of safety and ease of use with an audited industry performance. We provide you with a fully charged, quality checked, ready-to-use container that ensures a closed cold chain. SkyCell containers can leave the airport. Therefore, your products are protected door-to-door from the point of origin to the final destination. Our cold chain experts will support you in implementing and evaluating lanes to minimize risk. Additionally, SkyCell has introduced the SkyCell Peace of Mind Insurance, which enables you to eliminate the risk of product loss.

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Peace of Mind Insurance

SkyCell is the first container provider that enables you to eliminate the risk of product loss with its new Peace of Mind Insurance offering. SkyCell's impeccable and audited track record provides insurance protection even at low risk. Book our Peace of Mind Insurance additionally and benefit from a coverage of up to €4 million per container. This offer is also available in Swiss francs or US dollars.

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We provide you with ready-to-use SkyCell containers within 24-72 hours. At your preferred destination, around the globe.

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SkyCell works with selected partners to provide a global network with 283 destinations and an optimal product protection.


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