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High volume, high value to emerging markets in the hot season

Supplying fast-growing emerging markets with high value biological drugs presents numerous challenges for pharma companies as the products are sensitive and large volumes are shipped at the same time. Logistical delays and high external temperature conditions are always risky scenarios when shipping pharmaceutical products. As global temperatures and weather conditions become more extreme, particularly in emerging markets, pharma supply chains need to adopt the next generation of containers to mitigate this growing risk.  

When large volumes of pharmaceutical products transported in one shipment are exposed to a temperature deviation the price of such irregularity can be extremely high. 

SkyCell, in collaboration with strategic airline partner Emirates SkyCargo, continues to set the standard in effectively delivering large volumes of highvalue pharmaceuticals. Pictured above are 19 1500X hybrid containers, which transported biologics requiring stringent temperature control between +2°C and +8°C, from Rome, Italy to Mumbai, India, via Dubai.  

Chiara Venuti, the Head of Strategic Partnerships at SkyCell, emphasizes:

‘With the 1500X hybrid container, the pharma customers have the peace of mind that each pallet is separately protected by an independent runtime of 270h, providing “x-tra” performance when it matters the most. This, paired with the fact that four containers can fit on a PMC and 18 units on a truck, reduces the TCO and CO2 footprint of the shipment. It’s good for patients, the pharma industry, and the planet. 

After experiencing a journey with an external temperature of +37°C on the tarmac in Mumbai, the containers faced an all too common logistical obstacle: a custom hold.  

Containers were held for a lengthy delay of seven days (168h) at customs in Mumbai, and as shown in the graphic above, the ambient temperature was not always stable.  

However, the performance of the 1500X hybrid container maintained the internal temperature as a steady trajectory throughout the entire journey, granting the product was successfully delivered to the market in perfect condition. 

We are proud to have collaborated to deliver successfully this shipment with strategic airline partner Emirates SkyCargo

Julian Sutch, Head of Global Sales – Pharma, Emirates, said:

“Our seven year partnership with SkyCell has gone from strength to strength. Transporting such important products for the pharmaceutical industry around the world requires close collaboration and trust in our partners. SkyCell and Emirates share the same values of delivering exceptional service and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.


This remarkable shipment not only highlights SkyCell’s commitment to safeguarding the integrity of sensitive cargo but also underscores the strength of its strategic partnership with Emirates SkyCargo.