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November 5, 2020

New SkyCell Service Centers open as the race for secure pharma containers intensifies

Over the last few months, SkyCell has opened new Service Centers in Korea, Italy and the USA. Virtual training and digitalization projects have enabled expansion to continue in spite of Covid-19 lockdowns, ensuring we continue to work at full capacity to deliver life-saving medicine around the world. This expansion responds to increased global demand for temperature-controlled, IoT- tracked containers as pharma shippers begin answering to greater need for pharmaceuticals and increased regulatory requirements to protect crucial supply chains.


As the pandemic draws on, nations around the world are looking to guarantee containers for deliveries of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. The need to uphold every day, ever-increasing demand for pharmaceuticals in the face of lockdowns and uncertainty must be kept front of mind, all while simultaneously looking towards the horizon of preparing for a large-scale coronavirus vaccine distribution. SkyCell’s self-charging and tracked hybrid containers are shedding light on how the pharma industry could collectively approach that future horizon.

Proven to reduce industry-standard failure rates of between 4 and 12% to less than 0.1 percent, the hybrid is smoothing out a potential way forward to deliver pharmaceutical goods at a speedier rate that still provides security for vulnerable medical goods being delivered.

With new Service Centers opening up in New Jersey, Rome, and Seoul, SkyCell is establishing central hubs in key regions to facilitate a connected global supply chain. Coupled with this, through continually collecting data points from around the world from each new hybrid container shipment SkyCell can assess how to position the hybrids to set up a sustainable, demand-driven supply chain.

SkyCell now works with the largest, third-largest, and sixth-largest vaccine providers globally, and has been awarded critical supplier status by both the Swiss Government and the EU Commission. A third independent audit* released just a month ago showed that once again, even under the additional disruptive pressures placed on the global supply chain, shipments in the SkyCell hybrid incurred nearly zero temperature variations, ensuring the viability of essential medicines that patients will continue to need throughout the pandemic — including vaccines.

*Audit of 1500DF/F in progress