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December 12, 2019

Best-practices for your Asia Pacific Cold Chain

Pharma logistics faces diverse market conditions and requirements in  the APAC region:

  • Extreme weather conditions that range from tropical to continental climate
  • Mature markets like Australia, Japan, Singapore and South Korea require a highly efficient logistics setup
  • Developing markets require a resilient container solution to tackle uncertain infrastructure capacities and  extended transit times

To sum it up, transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals to the APAC region can be a challenge. Here are our solutions for your cold chain:

Imagine a pharma container that works in any environmental condition and can recharge at any airport without depending on electricity. This is exactly what SkyCell created. All you have to do is to place our hybrid container in a cooling chamber and it will recharge automatically without opening it. Our clients consider this feature especially useful when the container stays longer at the airport as expected. Another reason why more and more clients have switched to SkyCell’s hybrid container is the protection against humidity.

The exclusively licensed double-door system allows maximum humidity control while keeping the medication cool.

The container is only as good as the software that drives it. SkyCell’s IoT (Internet of Things) enabled containers ensure the visibility and the control over your temperature data. This is particularly important in situations where pharmaceuticals are most at risk like extended transit times or customs inspection.  However, we believe that the true value of data lies in forecasting scenarios and mitigating risks. By collecting nearly a billion real-life data points, SkyCell builds a data set to simulate and assess the risk of any given lane. In this way, risks can be identified at an early stage and lane validation can be accelerated.


Audited* protection through real-life data

For the second year in a row, SkyCell underwent an independent audit* and has performed with an outstanding result. As of today, one year later with 20’000 pallet capacity, this audit was repeated by the same global audit company Ernst & Young. The collected data has documented an extremely low 0.1% deviation in temperature over a 12-month period.

*Audit of 1500DF/F in progress

In the last year, we have expanded our service center network with new facilities in Seoul, Shanghai, Osaka, Tokyo, Singapore and Melbourne.

SkyCell’s service covers all pharma destinations in the APAC region to offer our clients flexibility and a high market coverage. We support you with door-to-door deliveries including non-bonded warehouses (e.g. in China).

Would you like to learn more? Get in touch with our cold chain experts.


Shipment of the Month: From Singapore to Belgium

SkyCell 1500C containers have been deployed to ship high-valued APIs  from Singapore to Brussels

  • Month: October
  • Route: Singapore via Dubai to Brussels
  • Temperature range: +2° to +8°
  • Value: $1.2 million per pallet

The SkyCell containers have been delivered preconditioned and ready to use to the client’s plant in Singapore. After loading the APIs, the containers have been transported to Changi Airport.  For both ways, a non-temperature-controlled truck could be used, which can be seen in the first three ambient temperature peaks on day one. After a 7.5 hours flight to Dubai, the containers have been stored in a cooling chamber until their takeoff to Brussels. From there, the goods have been trucked to the client’s production site.

Take a look at the SkyCell Temperature Tracking System: the temperature inside the container stays at a constant 5 degrees (blue line) meanwhile the ambient temperature (red line ) varies between +4° to +30° Celsius.


  • Considerable cost savings through transport with a non-refrigerated vehicle in Singapore
  • 12’950 kg CO2 savings  per US Pal (1.44m3)

To help grasp how much 12’900 kg of CO2 are: it is equivalent to the emissions of one car driving 86’333 km, twice around the globe.

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