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June 2, 2020
Implementation case study

Europe-based pharma client rolls out the hybrid globally

When SkyCell won one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies as a client, the true value of a well thought-out implementation process was clear to all.

After successful test shipments, SkyCell’s hybrid containers were integrated into the day-to-day operations of five lanes with a gradual roll-out planned for future months. This strategic approach saw increased sustainability in multiple areas of their supply chain and the growth of a business partnership that continues to flourish today.


The Client’s Challenge

As the demand for vaccines is growing all around the world, the pharma company was struggling with the increasing complexity of its cold chain transport. Meanwhile, they wanted to break new ground with regards to quality and sustainability.


SkyCell’s Solution

Cutting-edge software, such as the SkyCell Transport Planner (SCTP), would enable the client to take a risk-based approach and simulate shipments to high-risk routes before conducting an actual test shipment. Furthermore, implementing hybrid containers, which are equipped with IoT sensors, would measure the internal and ambient temperature of the container end-to-end of each shipment. Connected to a data cloud, the data the sensors collect would also allow the client to constantly improve and mitigate risk with each new shipment.

Chiara Venuti, Business Development and Airline Partnership Director

We really allowed the client to become familiar with the equipment. The clients handling team conducted loading tests, learned how to take advantage of the new technology.

SkyCell’s Onboarding Approach

  • Introducing all stakeholders
    When introducing a new solution, it’s important to first think about the people affected by the change and to get everyone on board. As part of a kick-off meeting, SkyCell introduced its container solutions to the whole team involved and gave them the possibility to feasibly see and test their containers.
  • Offering user-friendly technology
    One of the biggest challenges when introducing a new packaging solution is to get employees used to the new system and the new processes. With this challenge in mind, SkyCell created an easy-to-handle, fail-safe container solution that doesn’t require any manual intervention. All parts are fixed and the container is delivered preconditioned. All they need to do is open, load, close and ship it.
  • Improving process efficiency
    Efficient processes are the be-all and end-all in every supply chain. SkyCell’s dedicated customer integration team worked with the customer to analyze and redesign all container-related processes. This involved analysing time frames, responsibilities and the container flow. As a result, the pharma company realized considerable cost and time savings.



Successful test shipments to Singapore, Australia, the USA and Brazil – which covered different climate zones and different levels of the infrastructure – increased confidence in the containers. They were soon integrated into the day-to-day operations of five other lanes with a further roll out planned. Despite taking the process lane by lane in this way, “This was the fastest solution change that our company ever implemented”, as one of their cold chain experts put it.

With Skycell’s implementation support, there was great improvement in the mindset of staff towards new technology, there was greater efficiency in handling processes, and reduced costs. Within only 9 months, SkyCell and its client had implemented SkyCell’s hybrid container solutions into a global vaccines supply chain.

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