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July 19, 2021

SkyCell SECURE: Immediate insights into your supply chain

As an innovator in the temperature-controlled pharma container marketspace since 2013, our combination of hardware and software significantly improves visibility into the global supply chain. In this next chapter of SkyCell’s journey, we’ve launched a new SaaS platform, enhancing the optimization of pharma supply chains.

Market disruption and SECURE beginnings

Let’s go back to the beginning. When SkyCell entered the market space in 2013, we looked at what produces temperature excursions (e.g. wrong handling, mechanical failure, lack of information of the shipment, etc) and developed a solution that addresses these issues – the hybrid container. With the rise of ever complex biologics and their temperature sensitivity, an increase in stricter regulations demanding greater responsibility, as well as losses of approximately $34 billion1 per year due to failures in biopharma logistics, the industry was ripe for new direction and leadership. That’s where our success with the hybrid containers set us apart.

SkyCell’s self-charging hybrid containers utilize Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, providing a powerful worldwide tracking infrastructure. They also empower our team to make agile and informed decisions from end to end of every shipment, including enforcing stringent quality standards in near real-time, wherever a container is located.

Behind the scenes, we continued to develop our technology and software. We were working towards a goal. To meet the many needs of pharma companies. And our vision: No loss in the pharma supply chain, worldwide.

From the transport planner feature which simulates shipments (SkyCell Transport Planner – SCTP) and SkyShip, an app allowing image capture of the containers and pharmaceuticals, these advances helped to form the backbone of what SECURE would become, having been used internally and continuously developed over 5 years.

Now, we are starting a new chapter. Enabling SECURE platform accessibility for our clients.

Biologics are ever prominent and are increasingly sophisticated. With the supply chains undermined by a lack of visibility and transparency, this can impact the delivery of pharma products to patients. By combining our industry insights, cold chain experience, containers, software and logger technology under one platform, we provide a solution that is absent in the market and will create value for clients demanding visibility to meet the needs of recipient patients.


“SkyCell SECURE is a game changer for the pharma industry. Solving fundamental issues faced in modern supply chains and utilizing SkyCell’s vision into a comprehensive global platform, this is only the beginning of leveraging our software capabilities to advance pharma supply chains."

Nico Ros

Our solution for the market

Speaking to our clients, we learned that there is a lack of visibility of their global supply chains due to different modes of transportation. SkyCell SECURE is interoperable across different modes of transport from truck to ship to airfreight. This means it is suitable for different container and packaging solutions, and ready to fully optimize supply chains. To take on the key issues that complicate modern supply chains, SkyCell SECURE has integrated the four following features under one global platform:

  1. Accelerated product release
  2. Automatically detects counterfeit and theft of goods
  3. Significantly increases workflow efficiency
  4. Provides a historical data overview of all your shipments

As a strategic partner, we focus on bringing new solutions to the market that further help our clients safely, securely and sustainably ship pharma around the world. SkyCell SECURE is a testament to us paving the way forwards and carving out a new space in the market that will be of benefit to all pharma companies and patient recipients.


“The launch of our SECURE platform is the next step in our mission to innovate the global cold supply chain. It will not only benefit the bottom line, but also positively impact global healthcare systems, bringing medications and vaccines to individuals faster and safer than ever before.”

Keep an eye out for future blog entries on SkyCell SECURE that will provide deeper analysis of each of its four main features and showcase studies of the platform in action.

Ready to optimize your supply chain efficiency?

Schedule a demo with our SkyCell SECURE experts.


1Wildhaber & Stoelzle, Performance comparison of pharmaceutical airfreight containers, 2021

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