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April 1, 2021

The future is hybrid

Technology is continuously enabling us to become smarter, more efficient, sustainable and safer. Back in 2013, Nico Ros, SkyCell’s co-founder and CTO, developed the hybrid technology for the temperature-controlled pharma transport industry. We recognized that the needs of pharma companies were changing and turning into a biologic industry, where an increase of regulation would drive faster adoption of technologies to detect and eliminate losses in the supply chain and become more sustainable.

SkyCell’s answer became our hybrid containers, a Swiss precision engineered solution with less than 0.1% temperature excursions.

Hybrid: the new quality standard

Hybrid seamlessly combines and upgrades technologies of active and passive solutions, such as a longer run time and hard exterior shell. However, the one aspect that makes hybrid containers unique is that they can recharge without the need for mechanical components, unlike active solutions that require plugs and electricity to recharge in route to their destination. No matter where the hybrid goes around the world, its long independent runtime (with SkyCell’s C/CRT solutions having an average run time of 8.4 days or 202h, and DF/F solutions an average run time of 120h) enables it to protect sensitive medicines against temperature excursions and its self-charging capabilities add further assurance that its medicines will reach the patient intact.

At SkyCell, we have made our own optimizations to the hybrid technology to further guarantee the safety, security and sustainability of our product. Through Swiss precision engineering, we have crafted shock absorption feet that can reduce micro crazes and shocks that could damage vials in transport, our double system decreases the risk of temperature excursions when the container is opened and ensures that no condensation can drip onto the medicine, while our light nano-coated insulation reflects 96% of heat radiation, enabling it to protect medicine even in extremely hot climates.

Our hybrid solution utilizes hardware and software to provide an exceptional cold chain solution. From C, CRT, F and DF categories, with internal temperatures that range from the highs of +15°C to +25°C all the way to freezing lows of -60°C to -80°C, we can ship a container that is ready to use and functions within any ambient environment to get lifesaving medicines to patients.

Through our data-driven approach and annual quality audit with a proven performance of less than 0.1%, we go above and beyond international standards with our hybrid containers.

SkyCell’s high standards recertified

SkyCell’s combination of hardware, software and service ensures safe and compliant medicine transportation. This is validated by our recent recertification of ISO 9001:2015 and GDP standards. Our zero-defect mindset puts quality at the forefront of everything we do, enabling SkyCell to prioritize quality executions along the distribution chain.

Through SkyCell’s continuous quality improvement projects, high-quality requirements of clients, stakeholders and partners are continuously incorporated, meeting the regulatory market criteria. With continuously regulated internal audits, we can ensure high-quality executions as a safe, secure and sustainable cold chain solution.

Our software plays a vital function in quality processes, with data-driven risk assessments enabling us to test the viability of a shipping lane and determine any risk factors in implementation. In addition, our IoT sensors can track container shipments and help us to monitor temperatures too. That way, we can react remotely at all steps of the journey to guarantee a safe and secure finish.

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