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November 20, 2023

What Is Storage Temperature and Why Is It Important in the Cold Supply Chain?

Storage temperature is the pivotal factor in cold-chain logistics. Maintaining it is crucial for preserving the integrity of the medicines. But, to do so, we need to have a full understanding of it first.

What is storage temperature and why is it important? Answering these questions will help you understand SkyCell’s mission and role in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Therefore, we discuss these matters below – take a look to get a deeper understanding of the obstacles and challenges that cold-chain logistics and storage face.

What Is Storage Temperature in the Cold Supply Chain?

Storage temperature refers to the specific temperature range maintained within containers to facilitate the secure storage and transportation of goods within the cold chain supply chain. This temperature spectrum is categorized as follows:

  • Deep frozen: -20℃ and beyond.
  • Frozen: -15℃ to -25℃
  • Cold: 2℃ to 8℃
  • Controlled room temperature: 15℃ to 25℃

In the pharmaceutical industry, temperature-controlled containers are commonly utilized. These containers are designed to provide optimal temperatures for a wide range of medications and vaccines during transportation.

Why Is Storage Temperature Important?

The delicate nature of medicines and vaccines demands controlled storage conditions to preserve their efficacy and safety. Improper temperature fluctuations can lead to reduced potency, loss of effectiveness, or even harmful side effects. Adhering to recommended storage temperatures, as specified by manufacturers, is crucial to maintain the integrity of these life-saving medications. Regular temperature checks and reliable temperature control systems are essential to safeguard patient health

What makes it even more challenging is the time that medicines spend in storage and travel. Often, they are shipped from one continent to another, and it takes days to deliver them to their destination. Therefore, nothing can be left to chance, and the proper storage temperature must be maintained – despite the external conditions.

why is storage temperature important

How Is Proper Storage Temperature Ensured in Cold Chain Supply Chain?

Control over the conditions during transportation and storage is achieved by using temperature controlled containers. These containers are specially designed to maintain stable internal temperatures for extended periods of time, enabling the safe delivery of medicines and vaccines worldwide.

This is where our mission at SkyCell takes center stage. We are dedicated to driving safe, secure, and sustainable pharmaceutical supply chains for temperature-sensitive, life-saving medicines. We focus on the development of hybrid containers, which serve as secure units for medicines and vaccines. These containers are designed to self-recharge and boast a long independent runtime, enabling the safe and secure distribution of pharmaceuticals.

The Takeaway

What is storage temperature and why is it important in the cold chain supply chain? It defines the conditions in which certain products must be transported, and maintaining it is fundamental to ensuring the safe and secure distribution of medicines and vaccines. Understanding this, at Skycell, we produce hybrid containers capable of maintaining the storage temperature at the required level for extended periods of time.

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