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Progress and commitment 

Leading sustainably

At SkyCell, we’re committed to leading the industry when it comes to sustainable pharma transportation. Now in our third year, our annual sustainability report demonstrates our policies, actions, and results in pursuit of this mission – throughout our value chain.

Inside, you will find three main focus areas: climate, circularity, and cooperation. Through this approach, we critically assess our progress towards mitigating climate change, empowering the circular economy, and enabling sustainable communities, both within the business and in the wider world.

Among other ambitious targets, we lay out our first roadmap for achieving net zero by 2040. There’s a long road ahead to protect the planet, but at SkyCell we believe that by demonstrating transparency in our progress, we can set an example for others to do the same.

You can find a seven-page PDF preview of the report here. To get the full report, please download it via the form below.

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SkyCell Annual Sustainability Report 2022


Securing a greener future with every shipment

Right now, CO2 from pharma transport still pollutes our planet, unreliable containers regularly damage medicine and unsustainable packaging is often discarded in a landfill. SkyCell’s reusable hybrid containers cut CO2 pollution by up to 50%, minimize medicine spoilage rates to nearly zero, and reduce landfill. With every shipment, we are doing our part to save emissions and chart a positive way forward for the pharma industry.

In line with the Paris Agreement, SkyCell is proud to have committed to climate change mitigation targets in line with the 1.5°C scenarios. This and more details are outlined further in our new Sustainability Report below.

Circular economy

Saving resources and reducing landfill

SkyCell embraces the circular economy principle. By managing the full lifecycle of our solutions, we reduce landfill and save resources. We use recyclable material in the production stage, and we design and maintain our containers so they are reusable for dozens of shipments.

Reducing our environmental footprint

Sustainable for you and the planet

Each SkyCell container transports 1-2 US or EU pallets at a reduced cost for both your business and the environment. Due to the prevention of redundant logistics procedures and the reduced volumetric weight of the hybrid, the solution saves an average 20% in business costs and up to 50% CO2 emissions per shipment.

SkyCell 1500C/CRT container requires three times less loading volume than conventional disposable solutions

Expert advice

Connect with our sustainability experts

Do you want to know how our solutions can help to mitigate your CO2 emissions and reduce waste? Get in touch with our sustainability department to find out what we do to help our clients and our planet.

Sustainability reports

Safe medicine for all

SkyCell has now released its third Annual Sustainability Report, detailing the progress made in achieving net-zero emissions within the entire supply chain and making pharma supply chains more sustainable.

Find out more about SkyCell’s progress towards achieving net-zero emissions by downloading this year’s annual report.

You can read last year’s reports:

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SkyCell stands for safe, secure, sustainable