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Leading sustainably

At SkyCell, we’re committed to leading the industry when it comes to sustainable pharma transportation. As we continue our journey towards net-zero by 2040, we remain unwavering in our belief that transparency is key for true progress in reducing the effects of climate change.

Our 2023 Sustainability Report is now available. In its fourth year, this annual report illustrates our policies, actions, and achievements in the pursuit of this mission, encompassing our entire value chain. 

While navigating through the report, readers will come across a message from our Chairman of the Board, Nico Ros, providing insights into the company’s updated vision and progress. Following this, the report offers an opportunity to delve into each key focus area in detail (climate, circularity, and cooperation), accompanied by detailed performance indicators for each. Access an eight-page PDF preview of the report here.

Want to learn about our progress towards net-zero by 2040 and how we enable pharma companies to champion sustainability?

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SkyCell Annual Sustainability Report 2023

Our Vision

Paving the way for Sustainable Pharma Logistics

The pharmaceutical industry’s reliance on air freight for logistics contributes to its substantial carbon footprint, with 71% of healthcare’s global emissions attributed to its supply chain. Inefficient packaging in the pharma cold chain increases landfilled waste, need for resources and overall emissions through spoiled medicine.

At SkyCell we pioneer advanced hardware and software solutions for secure global transportation of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, aiming to lead the industry towards zero medicine loss and zero CO2 emissions. Our commitment extends to guiding customers in emissions reduction through logistics analysis and leveraging proprietary knowledge. 


Your Gateway to Sustainable Logistics

Embark on your sustainable transport journey with SkyMind DECARBONIZE, the intelligent CO2 emissions calculator and optimization tool right at your fingertips.  

Simplify carbon reporting for your logistics operations and discover optimal solutions for sustainable transportation and warehousing—all directly in your browser with our free tool. 

Sustainability management

Among the top 1%

SkyCell’s commitment to sustainability covers not only products and services but also internal management practices. Since 2021, we have assessed our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) management through the EcoVadis rating system.

Achieving the Platinum Medal in 2024, positioning SkyCell among the top 1% of all assessed companies within the same category. This endorsement by EcoVadis is accompanied by our achievement to enable a typical SkyCell customer to avoid over 60.000 tons of CO2 in 2023, equivalent to taking more than 14.000 cars off the road. 


Sustainable for you and the planet

At SkyCell we embrace the circular economy principle. By managing the full lifecycle of our solutions, we reduce landfill and save resources. We use durable and recyclable materials in the production stage, and we design and maintain our containers, so they are reusable for dozens of shipments. 

Our hybrid containers, maintain inner temperatures for up to 270 hours, all while prioritizing sustainability. SkyCell’s containers are reused numerous times before being dismantled for reuse of parts or recycling. Featuring lightweight, durable materials and an easy-to-repair design ensuring longer lifecycles.  

The exceptional reliability, the reduced volumetric weight, and a remarkable CO2 reduction throughout the logistics lifecycle, including reverse logistics, position the hybrid containers as a prime choice for environmentally conscious pharma transport. 

We analysed the impact of our 1500X container in two transport scenarios, read more about it.

Sustainability Focus Areas

Safe Medicine for All



We are committed to mitigating our carbon footprint and ​developing​​ solutions ​that​​ ​help our pharma customers reduce their scope 3 emissions. This entails implementing innovative solutions to reduce our environmental impact across our operations and supply chain.



Embracing circular economy principles, we strive to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency. This translates into exploring innovative materials, promoting responsible product lifecycle management, and collaborating with partners to close the loop.



We recognize that collaboration is key to driving positive social and environmental change. We are committed to fostering strong relationships with suppliers, partners, and communities to share best practices, address shared challenges, and collectively create a more sustainable future.

Sustainability reports

Safe medicine for all

SkyCell has now released its fourth Annual Sustainability Report, detailing the progress made in achieving net-zero emissions within the entire supply chain and making pharma supply chains more sustainable.

Find out more about SkyCell’s progress towards achieving net-zero emissions by downloading this year’s annual report.

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Expert advice

Connect with our sustainability experts

Do you want to know how our solutions can help to mitigate your CO2 emissions and reduce waste? Get in touch with our sustainability department to find out what we do to help our clients and our planet.