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Self-charging system

Built to protect under extreme conditions

The hybrid container’s self-charging system is free of any mechanical parts like batteries, fans or cooling packs. By combining carbon and silicon chains into crystals, we developed a material that absorbs up to 50 megajoules of energy. Integrated into the container walls, the material creates a sophisticated cooling system that self-charges the hybrid inside airport and reefer truck cooling chambers.

Energy insulation

Shielded with building-strength insulation

Products inside a hybrid container benefit from a powerful insulation system that was born out of an intensive research project with the Fraunhofer Institute and the EMPA. By using a nano-coating that reflects heat radiation, the insulation structure reduces harmful energy inside the containers by a factor of 10,000. Originally developed for space satellites, this insulation answers to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and the lives of patients relying on temperature-sensitive medicines.


Sheltered in humid climates

Our double-door-system creates a separate cooling chamber to keep your medicine safe and dry. The system decreases the risk of temperature excursions when the container is opened at borders for customs inspection and, through its four integrated barriers, ensures that no condensation can drip onto the medicine throughout the journey.

Shock & Vibration Protection

Cradled to prevent micro-crazes

Micro-crazes, small breakages, can affect the sterility of the contained medicine. When transporting glass vials, containers are exposed to forces of up to 63g of force (for example, when dropped from a forklift). The SkyCell container’s absorbent feet reduce shock to 7g of force to cushion sensitive vials from damage.


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